Ana Sampelayo

Executive Director, HORSE CEO Office

Ana Sampelayo

Ana Sampelayo holds an Industrial Engineering degree from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, an Industrial Logistics degree from Universidad de Valladolid and a master’s degree in Business Excellence from Cedep. She began her career at John Deere, moved to Accenture then joined Renault Group at Motores plant in Valladolid (Spain), where she held several positions in Supply Chain, Logistics and Business Performance management.

2019 Head of Industrial Strategy for Renault Group Iberia’s powertrain plants (Aveiro in Portugal, Sevilla and Valladolid in Spain).

2021 Head of Cost Control at the Palencia vehicle plant in Spain, then at all Renault Vehicle Division plants in Spain (Carrocerías and Valladolid in addition to Palencia).

2023 Executive Director of HORSE CEO Office tasked with planning and overseeing HORSE’s global governance and top-level decision-making bodies, as well as coordinating the Leadership Team’s work.


“I’m thrilled to be part of HORSE and to serve as its CEO Office Executive Director, which involves supporting a worldwide technology company with a challenging mission – Reinventing Combustion – while meeting the highest safety, quality, performance and sustainability standards.”

– Ana Sampelayo, Executive Director, HORSE CEO’s Office