Edouard Simon

Chief Information Officer, HORSE

Edouard Simon

Edouard Simon holds an Engineering degree from École Centrale Paris, started at Renault Group as a Powertrain Engineer in 1993 and initially specialised in engine control and emissions reduction. He then switched to the IT department, where he successively worked on Supply Chain, Engineering and Manufacturing information systems from 2003 to 2013.

2009 Head of Department, Manufacturing & Supply Chain IS Department.

2013 Deputy Chief Information Officer at DRAC, the Dongfeng-Renault Group joint venture set up that year to manufacture and sell Renault cars in China; built the full IS-IT ecosystem.

2016 VP Support Functions IS (Finance, HR, Purchasing, Legal, Real Estate, IS-IT, Communication, Audits, etc. worldwide), member of Renault Group’s IS-IT Management Committee.

15 March 2023 Appointed HORSE Chief Information Officer (CIO), effective 1 July 2023.



“Our IS-IT teams have to run operations efficiently today and at the same time design our information systems for tomorrow. Together, we will build the new information technologies that will enable HORSE to develop its business.”

– Edouard Simon, HORSE Chief Information Officer (CIO)